Kate Howard was born and raised in Essex, and is currently living and working in London.

Kate’s work is deep rooted in the histories of sculptural practises and techniques, having studied an undergraduate degree in Sculpture at Camberwell UAL. Shortly after graduating in 2013 Kate was shortlisted as a top 20 artist for Saatchi and Chanel 4’s New Sensations, exhibiting with them at Victoria House London. In 2018 Kate graduated from a Masters in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University, where they were awarded the Acme Goldsmiths Studio award. Their degree show work was published in ‘Fleich’, a German publication drawing together artists from around the world who’s work explores ideas around sexuality and gender. This year Kate was invited by ‘She Performs’ to tell a short story at the Tate exchange as part of their ‘She Hears’ programme. Most recently Kate has been selected to take part in Art Quest’s Assist programme, where they have been selected to work along side artist Rachel Ara on her upcoming commisions.